We at Financial Enlightenment conduct our work with the following core values:



We will provide professional services with integrity.  We will be honest and impartial in our recommendations.  We will endeavor to maintain objectivity by recommending the solutions that are likely to provide the most benefit to you.  We will always disclose any potential conflicts of interest.


We will strive to continuously improve our skills and knowledge through conferences, training opportunities and personal improvement.  Where we lack the requisite knowledge, we will seek guidance from other professionals.


We will protect the confidentiality of all client information and communication.  We will take all necessary measures to ensure that information is accessible only to those you have authorized.  We will keep our passwords safe and up to date and our data secure.  While a security breach is unlikely, we will notify you immediately if one were to occur.


We will treat you with kindness.  In today’s dog-eat-dog world, kindness is sometimes forgotten.  We will handle ourselves in a manner that exemplifies kindness and compassion to all those with whom we interact.