Take this short three question quiz to determine if hiring us as your financial planner makes sense. 


1. Do I lack the EXPERTISE?

Financial planning is complicated.  Tax laws are constantly changing, the investment landscape is volatile and changes in one part of your plan could wreak havoc on another part.   Like two prescription medications with cautionary interactions, two seemingly good ideas can be great apart, but disastrous when mixed. 

Let us help you develop a plan so you can feel confident in our recommendations and your decisions.

2. Do I lack the TIME?

Financial Planning is time consuming.  Researching investment options, Social Security claiming strategies, college financing options, and retirement distribution choices can take hours and hours of your valuable time.   

Let us accelerate your financial planning so you can spend time with family and friends instead of behind a computer screen.

3. Do I lack the DESIRE?

Many people simply don’t have the desire to take on these tasks by themselves.  Successful people know how to delegate tasks so that they can focus on what they do best.

Let us prepare a comprehensive financial plan so you can enjoy life and not be burdened down by details.

How did you do?

If the answer to ANY one of these questions is “YES” then you may benefit from hiring us to help you.